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Growing up together as a large family, the only way for my mother to get half an hour of tranquillity was to find a board game where we could all play and enjoy as a family – but unfortunately for her, such a game did not exist. Each of us had our favorite games (usually the ones we were more skilled in than the others) – competitive spirit definitely runs in the family. For years I had the idea of incorporating all the games into one, so regardless of your skill set, you would have a part you exce






Every time I played a game I noticed that some players had an advantage over others because of their set of skills; are you the artist? or great with words? the strategist?

 I was the one arguing all the time. So I created in 2010 a game in Argentina called Veredicto (Verdict), and of course, it was about arguments.

During this long pandemic and isolation, and missing my family a lot,

I decided to create a new game blending the best of the games

we loved to play and new games that became favorites with the idea

that this could appeal to all and each one of the different players there are;

strategists, artists, all brains, negotiators and more 

in a simple, fast and super fun game - and yes, you guessed right!

this idea ended up becoming Blended.

A game that allows everyone to show their skills playing

against the players of their choice but also to team up

with players that can help them with categories where they are not as good.

Blended story.png
Mancha 2.png
veredicto con texto.png
toodos jugamdo.png

The process of making Blended led to the creation of my dream team, with my brother Francisco making amazing illustrations, my sister Victoria managing the social media, and our dear friend Hugo designing all the pieces of the game. (the best part is to get to talk with them every day and feel closer than ever during these long years apart) 

Hopefully, you love Blended as much as we do! and if you read so far, please join our newsletter for the full story about my previous game (it gets nasty) and news about Blended, the Kickstarter campaign, and to help me build a community of Blended lovers!

Thanks a lot!



Juan De La Cruz

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Mancha 3.png

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