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  • Shuffle the decks. Put 3 piles of mini-games cards in the middle of the table.

  • Deal 5 play cards and 5 Blendollars to each player.

  • Each player in turn draws a card from any of the Blended mini-games piles and plays the game with the player they choose using their own play cards.

  • The player can also use the special power on their cards.

in the mini-games deck you will find: 

  • Green games: Cooperative challenges.  if the players win, the bank pays them. If they lose they pay the bank.

  • Red games: competitive challenges. the player who loses the game pays the winner.

  • The others: these games have instructions explained on each card.

  • Be ready to instantly react to some cards - there is no time to hesitate

  • The first player to have 25 Blendollars or to be the last one with money wins!

Paso 4 - con texto.png
Paso 3  - Fincon textol.png

quick guide on how to play blended

Paso 1 - Mazos Negros contexto.png
paso 2 con texto.png
paso 5 con texto.png
paso 6 con texto.png
paso 7 con texto.png
paso 8 con texto.png
Paso Final - Winner v2 con texto.png
Mancha 3.png
Mancha 2.png
Mancha 1.png
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