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Discovering Blended: The Creative World of Juan De La Cruz

While many may recognize Juan De La Cruz Torales Villarreal from his vibrant presence on MasterChef Australia, there's a hidden gem waiting to be discovered beyond the kitchen—his innovative board game, Blended.

Born and raised in Argentina, Juan's journey into the culinary world was shaped by his family's traditions and his deep-rooted passion for Latin American flavours.

What many may not know is that Juan's creativity extends far beyond cooking pans and into the realm of gaming, where he has crafted an engaging experience that brings people together in a whole new way.

As the seventh son in a family of nine, Juan's childhood was filled with flavours, stories, and a love for shared experiences around the table, food and games alike.

His upbringing, guided by his mother Cristina's culinary expertise, instilled in him a profound appreciation for the power of good food and the joy of bringing people together around the table.

Yet, Juan's talents don't stop at the stove. Drawing on his background in marketing and a lifelong love for board games, he poured his creative energy into Blended, a game that seamlessly blends different game elements into a captivating and inclusive experience. Just as his dishes on MasterChef tell a story through flavours, Blended weaves narratives through gameplay, fostering connections and creating memories that last.

While Juan's journey on MasterChef showcases his culinary prowess and infectious energy, it's also an invitation to discover the world of Blended. Beyond the cooking challenges and tasteful creations, lies a game that reflects Juan's dedication to innovation, community, and the joy of play.

So, as you cheer for Juan's culinary adventures on MasterChef, take a moment to explore the imaginative world of Blended—a testament to his passion for bringing people together and creating moments of joy and connection, whether at the dining table or around the game board.

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Mikey here, Juan and I follow each other on Instagram. I've just been learning about Juan's boardgame and it sounds fascinating. I would be interested to play it. I am following Juan on MasterChef and he's my favourite contestant, I love his passion and vivacious personality. I have also checked out Juan's music on Deezer, and I LOVE IT - he needs to release an album and tour with his music as well as open a restaurant, get his own cooking show and write a cookbook. Did I mention I am a huge fan? 😊

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